Sunday, June 3, 2012

iPad Drawings: Mermaids

I made these drawings recently on my iPad with a Pogo sketch stylus pro and the Brushes app. It was even better than I had expected. I could zoom out for the tiny thumbnail I like to make before sketching something. I then zoomed in, made a new layer and made a tighter sketch over it. And then more layers for more embellishments. It makes sketching in color much more portable and accessible for me. I still like  working by hand with tangible things like ink, paper and watercolor better but lack of space to do that at this time makes this a great alternative.

As for the mermaid subject matter...I really love swimming and drawing mermaids is much more interesting than drawing swimmers.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I just designed this poster for my husband's middle school production of Twelfth Night. I literally did it almost overnight and stayed up way too late. It was quite fun, looking up psychedelic posters, listening to psychedelic music and then hand manipulating the fonts and using colors I like.

Now why is that significant? I've been working for the past year freelance art directing a mass market series of children's books that uses the same font, the same colors and the same look. The poster was anything but that. The art direction has been more time-consuming than I had anticipated, causing my disappearance from the blogosphere. The series is still ongoing and I'm still art directing it, but I'm going to set myself the goal of one blog post per month to give my creative juices an outlet.