Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Today's group of images are full length images of women in various modes of dress, done in various types of media. 

This woman with a crazy hairstyle on a terrace on some other planet in a galaxy far away was done in pen and ink and watercolor. It was based on a doodle I had made while trying not to be bored to death at a weekly production meeting at a book publisher I had been working for at the time. It was around the time Episode 1 of Star Wars had been in the theaters and I was really inspired by the costumes and the hair. That was probably the best thing about that movie, as for the rest of the movie, meh.

This pirate is done entirely digitally using Adobe Illustrator, which really was a challenge since it doesn't really involve drawing as I normally think of it. I started with a pencil sketch but then creating the rest with vector based shapes was really challenging.  This had been done as an illustration for the Illustration Friday concept "Surrender" and I had posted it to this blogs back when I first created it.

This girl on the dark background is done in acrylic pain on wood and that was partially inspired by an early American portrait I had seen at the Clark Institute which I redid with some Goreyesque overtones. I call it "Ghost Girl."

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